Weight Management University Nutrition Course

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 Weight-Management University 101

Try our WMU-101.com Nutrition Course for your Keys to Great Health

Weight Management University Nutrition Course- This exclusive 12-week weight-management curriculum covers the basics of human physiology.  It explains in non-technical terms how, and why, your body will positively respond to proper nutrition and productive exercise.

The information is not intended to advocate any particular protocol.  It does not promote any products.  It is straight-forward, peer-reviewed information to help you understand how your body really works and provides a great foundation to improve upon your nutritional knowledge and health.

It is the ideal companion to almost any health, fitness training, nutritional rehabilitation protocol, corporate wellness program or school based health initiatives. This is the information all health and medical professionals want you to know… but, often, don’t have time to explain.  In fact, David’s WMU-101 nutritional course is “mandatory” reading for all of his patients!   Give our WMU Course your own Physician’s “White Coat” Test- Download and print our WMU-101 course brochure and bring it your physician.  If they like the program and let us know you referred WMU to them we’ll reward you with  free WMU enrollment for making the introduction!

Now with just a few mouse clicks you can  be enrolled in WMU-101 and have access to the same nutrition roadmap David uses successfully with his VIP patients. Upon completion, you will have built the knowledge to manage your nutritional rehabilitation, fitness and weight for the rest of your life!   The keys to your SUCCESS are waiting for you….

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