Tom Brady Calls Out Junk Food Manufacturers

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Kudos to Tom Brady for Calling Out Big Food on Irresponsible Marketing of Junk Foods to Kids

Tom Brady is in the news again, but this time he’s doing a great job deflating the false images  fast food manufacturers put on food when they try to spin junk food  and brainwash kids ideas of which foods they should eat.  Instead, Brady calls out this junk food as “poison”.  Brady’s interview(1) with Massachusetts radio station WEEI revolved around his win over the Cowboys, but then they began discussing the recent Boston Magazine story(2) on his body coach and business partner Alex Guerrero.

“Brady may have just done more good for kids, and more damage to Big Food, than I could accomplish in a lifetime of trying to tell the Truth about the Foods We Eat.”David Dansereau,MSPT-Author Body in Balance


In 2004, Guerrero was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission for claiming his Supreme Greens could effectively treat everything from diabetes and obesity to cancer and AIDS.

Brady defended Guerrero, with whom he started the TB12 Sports Therapy Center (3) and then launched into his views on processed junk food and soda,(heard on the video) above saying:

“I think we’ve been lied to by a lot of food companies over the years, by a lot of beverage companies over the years. But we still [believe] it… We believe that Frosted Flakes is a food…

You’ll probably go out and drink Coca-Cola and think ‘Oh yeah, that’s no problem.’ Why? Because they pay lots of money for advertisements to think that you should drink Coca-Cola for a living…

I totally disagree with that. And when people do that, I think that’s quackery. And the fact that they can sell that to kids? I mean, that’s poison for kids…

When you go to the Super Bowl, who are the sponsors? That’s the education that we get. That’s what we get brainwashed to believe; that all these things are just normal food groups, and this is what you should eat.”

-Tom Brady




Tom Brady Calls Out Junk Food Manufacturers -by David Dansereau,MSPT



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