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[I originally posted this update on my know-stroke blog]

Meet Newton Baker

Member of the Race Across USA Core Team

In my last post, I asked you “have you quit yet?”.

I want you to think about that question as you meet Newton Baker.


Meet Newton Baker, a retired school teacher from Montpelier,VT. On January 16th, the day the #RaceAcrossUSA kicked off in California Newton celebrated his 73rd birthday. He’s one of the core team members that share a common goal- to run 3,080 miles in 140 days. In his own words, he’s running “because some type of consciousness needs to be raised about the childhood obesity and inactivity epidemic in the US”. If Newton can make this journey he’ll be the 2nd oldest person on record to run from coast to coast. You can learn more about Newton in this video and meet the core team here: http://raceacrossusa.org/core-team/


Now back to the question: Have you quit yet?

What I love about the #RACEACROSSUSA initiative is the mix of science and applied public-outreach work that the runners are calling attention to.  As one of the core team members Bryce Carlson, stated in an interview with NPR– “We’re all capable of becoming a little stronger, or more resilient, than we are.”  I wrote an article on the Race Across USA core team and post on Bryce Carlson earlier if you’d like to learn more about why he is running. 

My advice on quitting-

As you look at what these runners are doing each and every day of the next 120+ days or so that remain on their journey, tell yourself, it is not time to quit yet.  If they can run what turns out to be a marathon a day for each leg of this Race Across USA, you can indeed dig a little deeper too and find time to keep your sneakers near your bed to take a run or jog each day over the next 100 days to get your own Body in Balance.

[Personal Sidebar] I share a common mission with this core team on #raceacrossusa to raise awareness for childhood obesity and our nation’s growing nutrition debt.  A portion of all proceeds from my book go to my Bright Minds Kids Education Campaign.


In my next article I will plan to interview another key core team member from Race Across USA, Darren Van Soye




Race Across USA

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David says:

The original Race Across USA article is here for more information:

[…] that will take on this 3,080 mile trek include three women and thirteen men. The oldest runner is Newton Baker, age 73.  The youngest, Alex Ramsey, age […]

Emmanuel says:

hello, I also am about to start a juice diet but was wondering if its OK to juice ALL the juice you need for that day in the moinnrg instead of having it just juiced when you drink? I don’t think I can juice juice at work thats why I ask and having extra juice on the go would be a way to keep it possible! IDK maybe even juicing a few days in advance? would that work to or does the juice loose the nutrutional value to fast for that? any advice? THANKS! ? and congtrats on your lb loss!!!

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