How to use the produce PLU to find (and avoid) genetically engineered produce

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How to use the PLU for gmo produce

(to determine potentially genetically modified organisms / in produce* in the market)

The price look-up (PLU) code system used by most produce distributors may have the side benefit of allowing consumers to identify conventional and organic produce at the grocery store. Even though the GMA and big business are fighting to hide your right to know what is in your food,  genetically engineered information is not often disclosed and  will not be added to labels in the United States unless individual states stand up for their citizens right.

What can PLU Codes tell you:

PLU codes do have the potential to identify genetically engineered produce. This video shows you how to read PLU codes to play food detective and unlock the information that may already right at your fingertips.

Tips to understanding PLU Codes:

If first number has:

3 or 4“- Conventionally Grown (most likely have been grown with pesticides and herbicides)

8“- Genetically Engineered

9“- Organic

* This information in this video has not been verified as 100% accurate, please comment below video if you have been able to verify the statements of this video producer.  Some conflicting evidence shows that GMO can be mislabeled on a PLU.

Check you PLU stickers!



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Julia says:

The article does speak to the issue, but it wasn’t clear engouh; the prefixes 8 and 9 are optional. They can be used, if the producer or retailer wishes, to mark the produce as Organic or GMO. Since people LIKE organic, organic producers use the 9. Since consumers don’t like GMO, the GMO producers generally DON’T use the 8. If you or anyone you know has ever seen a 5 digit number starting with 8, I’ll be surprised.The website Paula linked looks pretty official, but I think it’s deliberately deceitful. My guess would be, that it’s part of a disinformation campaign to convince people we don’t need GMO labeling and that they can already buy produce that is properly labelled.

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Jovita says:

The only way people will wake up about the dagrens is by having another big outbreak. One that the media isn’t paid not to report on- that is.There’s just too much money in it for Monsanto for anyone to stop them. You’ll be eating plenty of animals that never existed in nature soon. Get your fork. The latest wicked little batch combines goat, and spider genes to make a new super salmon(not kidding). Hmm I’ve never tasted spider before but its never too late to try with Monstano’s new gene/DNA recipe!As an added bonus the FDA says its illegal to label GMO salmon, because it might confuse you. I know in my heart they are doing it for us because they love us!Enjoy your fascism!

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