Obesity as a National Security Threat

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US Obesity is an Emerging Threat

[and Now Presents a National Health Security Crisis]

Video Source: TED Talks

[Personal Sidebar]  Obesity as a National Security Threat: I’ve been discussing my own concerns regarding our nation’s growing nutrition debt (to anyone that will listen) for some time now.  To demonstrate my commitment to this important health crisis, I’ve built nutrition courses, counseled patients on the impact of obesity on their health and initiated awareness campaigns to target young Bright Minds to attack the problem.  However, I’ve never looked at our nation’s obesity crisis from this perspective as is done quite well in this video and how it impacts our national security.  This video was a real eye opener for me personally.  Pay special close attention to the obesity scale that is presented beginning at minute 12:30 in this video.  I have included stills below to summarize the obesity timeline but the level of growing obesity and the epidemic our nation faces are best viewed in the video timeline. Please watch and Share and as the Lieutenant you’ll meet in this video advises, “Be Fearless” in your efforts to get this important health message heard.

About the Presenter:

Lieutenant General Mark Phillip Hertling, is the Commanding General, US Army Europe and Seventh Army. In that role, he is the commander of the approximately 42,000 U.S. Army forces assigned to Europe, and he is the Army Component Commander of U.S. European Command. While Hertling’s primary role is training U.S. Army soldiers and units for Contingency and Full Spectrum Operations, he is also responsible for Theater Security Cooperation and Building Partner Capacity with the 51 allied nations that are part of the European area of operation.



Here are some disturbing statistics from Lieutenant General Hertling’s TED talk:


  • Greater than 75% of potential recruits ages 17-24 years could not enlist even if they wanted to join the military as they were not qualified.  The main criteria making them ineligible was obesity.
  • Of the remaining 25% that could qualify (that were not obese mainly) greater than 60% could not pass a basic PT test given on the first day of basic training.

Here’s what the PT test included:

  1. One minute of push ups
  2. One minute of sit-ups
  3. One mile run

Summary of Obesity Growth Rate Explosion


Watch the Impact of Growing Obesity from 1985-2009 Seen Below and Compared to the Color Change in Photo Above


Final Impact and Predictions for 2030 Shows a Nation Really in the Red!


At WMU101.com we help teach parents and kids about nutrition and through education to be fearless and avoid becoming part of this obesity statistic. Join us to build better bodies and better national health, one community at a time!


Article by:

David P Dansereau,MSPT

We need more Corporate Nutrition Partners!



Tony Cannistra says:

very interesting, not surprising. We will beat this with education and this needs to start early. In areas of the country, this effort is beginning. As you know, this is complicated and involves culture ,economics and politics, to name a few factors.

David says:

Thanks Tony for commenting. Yes, I agree it is but it can be done with great leadership, that begins at home with the parents and gets reinforced in the schools. At all levels, we need to be “fearless” to borrow a great line from Lieutenant Hertling in the video above. In fact, in Cumberland, we are planning to do some great things in our schools! Stay Tuned!!

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