Let’s Move!-Moving towards a healthier nation? Really??

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Subway’s “Crunch-a-Bunch” Chicken Enchilada Sub with Fritos now Let’s Move Approved!

With Let’s Move and corporate sponsorship from  Subway- All you have to do is Just listen to First Lady Michelle Obama and Olympic Celeb Athletes and  “Eat Fresh”- !!

“Crunch-a-Buncha” “Crunch-a-Buncha”  how many times did you hear this jingle during the Olympics?  You already know I am referring to Subway, right? Granted,  the Chicken Enchilada Melt is well marketed, (you know the one with the Fritos* crunch) and it certainly might make your mouth water, but as it turns out it might also make your heart go into arrest!

The 6’” sub has the most calories of any item on the Subway menu and gets 42% of those calories from fat!


Subway Frito Chicken Enchilada Nutrition Facts


If you read the fine print on the Subway site you’ll see that those calories and the fat content “might not include the cheese and extra condiments you add on to the item”.


< Here’s your Nutrition Facts

Wasn’t that Enchilada loaded with cheese in the commercial I must have seen 100 times over the past 2 weeks??

Let’s take a look at the commercial again…

I digress…the real reason for this post is to also let you know that Subway is also a proud partner of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! national movement to make our kids healthier.  Yup!  Smart Move teaming up with Subway and Let’s Move but who’s really winning here.   Here’s a copy of the White House announcement:

  • ” In addition, just last month, we announced a commitment from Subway to promote healthier choices to kids, which includes the launch of the restaurant chain’s largest kid-focused marketing campaign to date. Subway will also set and implement new marketing standards to kids and strengthen its already-nutritious children’s menu offerings. “

I hope you were as surprised as I to know your tax dollars are helping to boost Subway’s bottom line and also may be fattening a lot of bottoms too!

Here’s the link to Let’s Move- and other resources of interest.




If it ends in O’s it might have GMOs (Fritos, Cheerios,Cheetos,Tostitos…”fill in your own food “O’s here” -you get the point.  Another reason why the real conversation with our national movement to get healthier should be relabeled “Let’s Move on GMO Labeling!”

Link to President Obama’s promise to label GMOs



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