Glyphosate Herbicide and Our Declining Health

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What you need to Know about Glyphosate

Many of us, including Dr. Oz,  are justifiably concerned about the toxic effects of pesticides in our environment and in our foods since more and more evidence shows they may be harmful to us.  As I wrote about glyphosate dangers in my book, Body in Balance, I revealed other countries have  exercised more caution when it comes to the use of glyphosate and GMO crops, whereas in the US we have become a GMO Nation that allows almost unrestricted use.  In fact, Dr. Oz took considerable heat this past week for standing up to big agriculture and the potential dangers of glyphosate and GMO food crops.  Soon after Dr. Oz aired a show about glyphosate, the herbicide associated with most genetically engineered crops that was recently designated as a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization, he was attacked by the media.  This attack from ten physicians, all of whom have industry ties, has now backfired!  Read this article!

Yesterday, Oz aired a courageous investigative episode that looked into the criminal backgrounds and conflicts of interest of those ten doctors who attacked him.

What he found will blow your mind: Felony fraud, ties to Big Tobacco, industry front groups and a total failure of the mainstream media to investigate the real truth!

If you’d like to learn more you can watch the Dr. Oz Show replay videos here and see how he is fighting back against untruthful accusations.

More Evidence on Glyphosate Dangers Provided by MIT Scientist

Someone who has been researching and speaking loud about glyphosate dangers  is  Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT, who reveals in this video how and why popular herbicides like RoundUp (and others) that contain glyphosate are harmful.

The linkages between glyphosates and myriad chronic conditions are spelled out in both of these videos, some mentioned include:

Glyphosate and intestinal dysbiosis
Glyphosate and autism
Glyphosate and acute kidney disease
Glyphosate and demineralization of bones and joints

The very fact that glyphosate is over-used on our food crops liberally — and that glyphosate is patented as an antibiotic — should be enough to motivate everyone to rethink their food choices. However, this video delineates the many ways that human health is in jeopardy because of this omnipresent herbicide.

What’s Next for Glyphosate, GMO and Environmental Policy?

As the new Congress kicks off in Washington, one of the biggest agenda items on the table will be how much money and how much power the FDA and Department of Agriculture will have at their disposal. We’ve already seen signs in the new spending bill that indicate lawmakers want to make it EASIER for big companies to HIDE their GMO products from consumers. As we learn in this second video from MIT Doctor Stephanie Seneff, this GMO craze could cost a lot of humans, including children, their health.

In this next video she discusses her recent article  and makes a very stark warning that by the year 2025, half of all American children could have autism! That’s an alarming increase over one decade.

She claims it all comes down to the  chemical glyphosate, commonly found in Monsanto’s herbicide, RoundUp.

So what happens when  humans come in contact with glyphosate?  What you will learn is that this herbicide may have a great deal to do with our declining health.

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Sep20 This is so awful, what can we do to save our children from the Dr Deaths of the crptoraoe experimental world. Now they are using part of agent orange as a weedkiller because after a few years all these killers’ become inefective as the plant DNA adapts and so does ours!!Keep up the good work.

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