Body in Balance Book

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Body in Balance Book

About my Body in Balance Book: Science now clearly identifies chronic disease and aging as a state of inflammation. And it’s not just allergies, asthma, arthritis, or autoimmune disorders that are inflammatory. We now know that diabetes and obesity are inflammatory problems, as are heart disease, cancer, depression, autism and dementia.

Your fat cells produce inflammatory molecules that perpetuate weight gain and disease. But other factors trigger inflammation that lead to weight gain independent of caloric intake.  There are many other triggers for inflammation that also promote weight gain including infections (such as viruses), mold toxins, environmental toxins, food allergens (such as gluten, dairy, and GMO foods), and our poor quality processed diet that is high in sugar, and omega 6 refined oils, and low in fiber and I cover these in detail in my Body in Balance Book. All of these triggers cause inflammation, which then creates insulin resistance and promotes weight gain.

My book, Body in Balance, is designed to be a powerful anti-inflammatory program. Learning to identify the various hidden sources of inflammation is often critical for those who are stuck in the viscous cycle.

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