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From Seed to Feed

The Truth about the Foods You Eat.

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We’re Reloading Our Site with a whole new Nutrition Mission!

Here’s Why We are on an Educational Mission to Inform and Help You Take Nutrition Action:


  • Adults and Now Our Children are Fatter and Unhealthier Than Ever!  You Must Watch this Video to Get the BIG Picture and learn how obesity has become a national security threat!!
  • The Nutrition Industry in the United States is MOSTLY Unregulated and is Full of Marketing Quacks like the Scams we intend to expose in our “Food Quacks” Video Channel .
  • Govt. Rules and Regs for Nutrition are built on Sweet Heart Deals, Wallet Padding, and Industry Insider Lobbying and Not on a Real Health and Nutrition Policy.  Watch some videos in our Food Documentary Channel to learn more.


Obesity needs to be addressed head on with proactive policies that provide  incentives for staying well.  Pre-disease management strategies includes effective screening programs and educational partnerships that promote nutrition and healthy lifestyles.  We are currently looking to promote “Best Practices” in these areas so please contact us so we can share them on this site.

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Learn How Food Works: WMU-101.com our online Nutrition Course: Click to Learn More

Learn How Food Works: WMU-101.com our online Nutrition Course: Click to Learn More



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